Foundation Advance /of Sound Healing

Learn how to use the Tibetan Bowls in your everyday life to restore balance and enhance relaxation.

The basic of the Tibetan Bowls

  • Practical instructions for how to use the bowls
  • Learn how the bowls can cleanse and energise
  • Develop concentration, and enhance relaxation & sensory experience 

Applying the Bowls 
  • Using different bowls and vibrations on different parts of the body
  • Releasing chronic pain and restoring emotional balance
The Bowls and the Chakras
  • Balancing the chakras with the bowls
  • Vibrations and Sound Massage
  • Cleansing space and enhancing awareness
  • Basic skills to help all kind of relationships, surroundings and emotions

9:30am - 5:00pm

Letting Go Academy 

Place:  327 Woodpark Road, Smithfield NSW 2164
            51 Justin St,  Lilyfield ,  NSW 2040


Group Healing Also Available
  • Using the bowls for collective healing (Couples, family members, friends)

For more course details or registration contact Jasmine Wei

Phone: 0420 900 200  or 
           Grace 0421 004 322


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Master Course- Retratment
(Foundation Crystal & Foundation/Advance Sound Healing workshop & Energy of meditation Mater workshop. special offering both workshop.