Massive workshop

Harness the power of Pyramid, Crystal & Gong
The fact that a geometric design collects and radiates energy was known to Ancient Egyptians, more than ten thousand years ago. They utilised concept when they built their pyramids. The pyramids are storehouses of energy drawn from the universe.
Mother earth gave us crystals that open our hearts and minds to the divine magnificence within. Crystals have been utilised by many cultures over the centuries in the healing arts.
The sound of the ancient Tibetan Bowl & Gongs is known to penetrate deeply into the inner most mind clearing away all that is not needed from the Subconscious revealing the radiant and authentic self, allowing you to return to the centre of balance and Harmony.
This innovative workshop is a unique opportunity to have an end of year energy boost. During this workshop Jasmine will guide you through a meditative process that will harness the energy of pyramid, crystals and Tibetan Bowl & Gongs. The workshop will include:
  • Gong & Bowl healing using different vibrations on different parts of the body to shift negativity and emotional blocks
  • Group meditation with cooper Pyramid to develop concentration and enhance relaxation & self-awareness
  • Group meditation with Crystal Pyramid to enhance sensory experience and balance the chakras
  • Individual meditation in central of big cooper Pyramid to experience physical freedom to gain access to higher spiritual power and wisdom
  • Awakening your soul to unconditional love
7:30pm - 9pm