Price List

 Treatment  Min time  Price
 Massage & Aromatherapy  From 60 mins            $110.00
 Reiki  From 45 mins            $85.00
 Crystal healing  From 45 mins            $85.00
 Energy/Space Clearing (Home & Office)  N/A              from $180.00
 Tibetan Bowls Sound healing  From 45 mins             $85.00
 Angel & Spirit Guides  From 40 mins   $75.00
 Spirit Guide counselling  From 45 mins  $75.00
 Meditation sessions  From 30 mins  $50.00
 Tarot Reading & healing  From 45 mins  $85.00
 Ear Candling  From 30 mins  $45.00
 Cupping (in combination with massage)  From 30 mins   $50.00
 Vibrational Breathing  From 30 mins   $55.00

 Speciality Healing Treatments
 Combination healing energy treatments For 3 sessions (75 mins ea)   $380.00
 Chakra Balancing (in combination with other therapies) For 3 sessions (45 mins ea)  $220.00
 Chronic pain/Insomnia relief
For 3 sessions (45 mins ea)  $220.00

 Workshops available (min 4 people per workshop)
 Meditation and Healing Workshop
2 hours  $175.00 per person
 Reiki Workshops (Levels 1, 2, 3)
 1 day per level

From $180.00 per person

 Crystals Workshop (Foundation/Intermediate)
 1-2 days per level
From $165.00 per person
 Sound Massage/Tibetan Bowls Workshop   1 day From $240.00

Therapy Service Locations:
  • Cara House 
          ( 148 Majors Bay Road Concord NSW 2137)
  • Glebe
          (Nature's Energy, 105 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037); and 
  • Balmain
          (Nature's Energy, 321 Darling Street, Balmain NSW 2041)

  • Workshops will be held at different venues please see the website or relevant flyer
  • at Lilyfield and Concord.
  • All services enjoy a 10% discount when multiple sessions (minimum of 3 sessions) are paid for in advance. 
  • Speciality sessions above are booked at 3 sessions minimum, the rates already include this discount
  • Discounts offered for referrals to new clients
  • From time to time we offer trial discounts via email
  • Registered with all health funds for Health Fund Rebates
  • We offer several combination packages for the treatments please contact me for more details
  • From time to time, and depending on interest, we will also offer various workshops
Please note that discounts cannot be used in combination - only one discount allowed per therapy.

                                                                        Couples/Pairs Packages
 Sound Massage/Tibetan Bowls for two Min 1 hour session  $160.00 
 Tarot for two     Min 1 hour session  $140.00 
 Crystals for two Min 1 hour session  $190.00 
 Meditation with healing for two Min 1 hour session $175.00 
 Reiki for two Min 1 hour session  $190.00 

Group Speciality Sessions:

(Consider Jasmine’s energy renewal and rejuvenation therapies as the closing session/ceremony 

for your conferences, workshops, family gatherings etc. Most sessions require a minimum of 6-8 people)

General Group Session

 From 1 hour

$180.00 per hour

Energy healing and clearing session (at home)

From 1 hour

$180.00 per hour

Meditation and Relaxation sessions post workshops

From 1 hour

$250.00 per hour

Children group calming sessions

From 30 minutes

$150.00 per 30 minutes

Chakra balancing and rejuvenation session pre weddings etc

From 1 hour

$300.00 per hour


In-house Rejuvenation Sessions:

(Try Jasmine’s exclusive in home renewals for yourself and a group of friends.  

The hostess received a free home energy/space clearing valued at $250.  

All sessions require 3-4 hours for a minimum of 4 people.  

Sessions with be conducted by Jasmine with support therapists.)

Package 1

Reiki, Crystals and Angel Guides

$175 per person

Package 2

Reiki, Tarot and Meditation

$185 per person

Package 3

Crystals, Sound Massage/Tibetan Bowls and mini massage 90'M

$190 per person

Package 4

 one on one Pyramid, Dos, Crystal / Tibetan Bowls healing and more 3hrs

$333 per person 

Package 5

 Dos use Chakra balance. cleanse and stabilise each Chakra individually to help shift negativity and emotional blocks in the body. This is a European designed invention, harnessing the power of 56 sacred geometry lines within each Dos, placed all over the body.

$105/ session. 

$185/ 2 sessions. 

Complete Harmonic Re-equilibrium package $1000.00 (includes 3 sessions per week for 2 weeks. 2 sessions per week for 2 weeks. 1 session the fifth week. then 1 session in 10 days. 1 session in 15 days. and 1 session in 30 days. person


Future treatments:

  • Long distance healing
  • Teaching